Agamemnon Fletcher

Age- 2017+, born in 1700
Species- full wizard
Status- Alive
Relationship status- assumed single


Unnamed parents

Duggie Fletcher- old brother

Kristine Fletcher- sister in law

Zora Fletcher- little sister+

Niece- Ruby Fletcher


Andi Cruz


The second member of the council- formerly

The headmaster of W.I.T.S Academy- currently


Magic Realm


In the first book, Aggie was introduced as the second member of the council. In the second book, Aggie had for some reason left the council and became the headmaster of the Academy. As the book went one he became more a good person and started thinking for himself instead of just believing whatever the council believed.  Background At sixteen he turned his brother in for creating the first zombie after that zombie had eaten their little sister Zora. In the first book, Aggie was on the council and took part in Phillip's capture.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Oh, and Miss Nova, don't think I don't who it is you are holding in your arms.” Aggie- Jessie


Aggie was a main character in the second book but fell into the background for the most part. He was seen as a threat to Andi and Ethan's mission. Him gaining knowledge of the mission would mean trouble with the council and he would put a stop to it. Aggie had left the council and the reason for this was unknown. He was now the headmaster of the Academy and this was his main story-line throughout the second book.

Being the headmaster of the Academy

In the second chapter, Andi brought to Aggie's attention that Jessie's magic was stolen. Aggie informed her someone must have stolen her magic since neither he nor the council had stripped her of her magic. He decided it was best to contact the council and inform Jessie's parents. He excused both Andi and Jessie from their classes and instructed they stick together until this was sorted out. He wasn't mentioned to do anything about it though and it was Emily who was the hero.

In the fourth chapter, Aggie hosted the first years' first magic test. After which, he scolded Andi for Jessie and Ben's failure. When Jessie informed him she was dropping out of the Academy, Aggie told her it was her choice. Later on in the chapter, Aggie let Jessie along with Gracie and Ethan and Emily and Sienna off with a warning when they were caught by Cameron out of bed after hours.

The bad moon

It wasn't clear if Agamemnon had been turned evil or just mad by the bad moon. He was locked up in the gym with the others who had been affected and like them had his magic blocked by a magic-blocking bracelet. He turned back to normal once the full moon had passed.

Every witch student: Remember me

You better have an explanation for turning me into a statue!” Aggie- Ruby

Chapter one

Agamemnon greeted his students and welcomed them to the Academy.