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Andrea Cruz

Basic information

Birthdate: July sixth, 1990

Magical species: Powerless-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single

Known as

Andrea Cruz- maiden name

Andrea Archer- married name

Andi- nickname

Miss. Cruz- by Aggie


Father: Liam Cruz (Deceased)

Mother: Kira Cruz (Deceased) 

Paternal aunt: Jean Cruz

Foster dad: Francisco Alonso, formerly

Foster mom: Maria Alonso (Deceased)

Foster sister: Emma Alonso, formerly 

Unborn child


Luke Archer aka Phillip (Husband.)


Iridium elementary school (1994-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020)

School team

Swim team


An employee at the Seven (in high school)

Mortal realm residence

Miami, Florida, U.S.A (currently)

Magic realm residence

W.I.T.S Academy, formerly

the forbidden land, formerly

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Andi was born to Liam and Keria Cruz who both died of cancer when she had been three years old. She was placed in the care of family friends known as the Alonso family- Francisco, Maria, and their biological daughter Emma. She lived happily and loved with them until the age of ten when Maria's death occurred. With her foster father being unable to provide and care for her- Andi was placed in the care of her late father's sister Jean Cruz.

Personality: Andi is strong-willed, determined, and stubborn. When she cares about something she doesn't give up on it, and when she wants something she'll do anything to have it. Andi is kind and calmer than her friends. She doesn't normally let her guard down but can be distracted when obsessed with something else and has shown she can be overconfident. Andi can also get frustrated easily. She has a good heart and good intentions. She doesn't do much for herself either as she put her children's needs and wants before her own. 

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Every witch pregnancy

"We set ourselves up for bad things, we don't mean too, but we do."

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