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Gigi Marie Ryland

Basic information

Birthdate: March eighteenth, 1990

Magical species:

. Powerless-Witch (originally)

. Full-Witch (currently) 

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: married

Known as

Gigi Marie Rueda- maiden name

Gigi Marie Ryland- married name

Miss Information, self-appointed 

The pest, by Diego 


Ava Rueda

Drew Rueda

Unknown father-in-law

Unknown mother-in-law


Ruby Masters (Older half-sister)

Cameron Masters (brother-in-law)

Diego Rueda (Fraternal twin brother.) 

Maddie Rueda (sister-in-law)

Sophie Van-Pelt (sister-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews

Melanie Rueda (by adoption)

Emily Rueda (biologically)

Sara Van-Pelt (by marriage)

Isabella Masters (biologically)

Anabella Masters (biologically)

Noah Masters (biologically)

Mason Masters (biologically)

Gage Masters (biologically)

Gabriella Masters (biologically)

Great nieces and nephews

Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Sami Van-Pelt (by marriage)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Robert Ryland (adopted son)

Shawn Ryland (Biological son)

Tommy Ryland (adopted son)

Pageant Ryland (Biological daughter)


Shane Ryland (biologically)


Pete Caster- Ex boyfriend/ baby daddy 

Tony Ryland- husband


Andrea Archer

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Maddie Rueda

Kimberly Sanders

Tony Ryland, high school best friend


Homeschooling (1994-2001)

Unnamed all-girls private school (2001-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)


An employee at the Seven, currently

Half owner of the Seven


Mortal Realm- Miami


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Gigi was told her entire childhood by everyone even the council that she would get magic of her own. However, when she turned thirteen she still hadn't developed any magic and was declared to be a powerless witch. She was homeschooled until the end of fifth grade, then attended an all-girls private school until high school when she attended a public school with her brother.
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Every witch pregnancy

“I'm not really sure of anything right now, not even the decisions I've already made” Gigi to her friends.


Gigi was very naive and nosy, those were her two traits we learned first. She is also insecure at times and scared about being a pregnant teenager. She becomes more mature as she makes her decision to be a single mother, as well as when she put her gossip blog in her past and moved on to start a pregnancy blog. Gigi did get very frustrated when trying to have her baby's father come back into her life and the baby's life. It was clear she had a lot of determination when she really wanted something to happen. Gigi was also very kind and supportive.

Gigi's underage pregnancy

Gigi found out she was pregnant in the first chapter and worried about how her mother would react. When she told her mother, she refused to believe that her boyfriend would leave her when he found out. Before Gigi had told her mother, she and her boyfriend Pete had been caught by her mother intensely making-out in the school hallway. In the the third chapter, Gigi asked Andi for her thoughts on adoption because she was thinking of giving her baby up. Andi told her that despite all the risks she and Phillip face they are keeping their baby and asks if they can make good parents...was she sure she couldn't too. In the sixth chapter, Gigi was a tad disappointed to find out she was having a son because she had been hoping for a daughter.

Gigi's school blog

Gigi had a school gossip blog called Miss. Information. In the first chapter, Gigi occupied herself during her lunch by sneaking around tables taking down people's gossip on a notepad. In the third chapter, Gave Tony the heads up she had something planned or their next vlog but wouldn't tell him what it was. Gigi announced her pregnancy live to get Pete's attention. As punishment, Gigi's blog is taken down by the school-board for  invasion of privacy.

Gig's relationships

Gigi was able to act very casual around Pete when he didn't know about her pregnancy. In the second chapter, they made-out and Pete asked her if she was mad at him because they hadn't had sex in a while. Gigi replied that they hadn't gotten the opportunity. Pete decided to take her to his empty house so they would sleep together. Gigi was about to tell Pete about the pregnancy before sex but decided that if Pete was going to break up her, she might as well get to sleep with him one last time. Pete took her to his house and they had sex. Gigi had planned on telling Pete about the baby straight after but didn't. Pete later in the chapter dumped Gigi without directly telling her the moment he found out by Diego that Gigi was pregnant.

In the fourth chapter, Gigi cornered Pete to tell him she was keeping their baby but Pete didn't care and told Gigi to leave him alone.

Diego and Gigi had a love-hate relationship as many siblings too. Diego snapped at his sister in the first chapter for blabbing about to Maddie's pregnancy to their parents. He then scolded Gigi for being pregnant when he was the same age as her and having a baby as well. This lead into an argument that was broken up by their parents. Later on, they made up and Diego confessed he was scared for Gigi. Gigi admitted she was scared for herself. Diego told her that no matter what happened, he was on her side.

In the second chapter, Gigi was ten minutes into Diego's bathroom time. To get his sister out of the shower, he used his Kanay magic to turn the water into freezing and painful ice cubes. Gigi lectured him and Diego apologized after realizing he could harm Gigi's unborn baby. Then one morning at school, Gigi ran up to her brother and tried to hug him but he pushed her away and then she pushed him to the side after having spotted her boyfriend.

One of Diego and Gigi's biggest disagreements was about Gigi telling Pete about her pregnancy. Pete was Diego's friend and teammate, he believed he had the right to know Gigi was pregnant. Gigi didn't want to tell Pete scared he would break up with her. The two often bickered about this until Diego finally took it upon himself and told Pete. He then had to tell Gigi what he had done and that Pete had broken up with her. Gigi was furious and told Diego she would never forgive him.

Maddie found Gigi to be annoying and nosy, and Gigi thought of Maddie and spoiled and snobby. Even though they weren't friends, Gigi had decided sit next to Maddie in math in the first chapter. Gigi had apparently been smiling at Maddie way too much that day, which is what Maddie told her boyfriend who happened to be Gigi's twin brother.

In the second chapter, Gigi ran up to Maddie and hugged her going about them being best friends once their babies were born. She then ran off to find her brother. Katie asked Maddie what that had been about. Maddie replied she had no clue and that she and Gigi didn't even like each other. In the seventh chapter, Maddie took Gigi shopping and helped her pay for the more expensive things.

In the fourth chapter, Emma was surprised when Gigi paid her a visit at her house. Gig asked Emma to help her with an art project that required her to make a scrapbook knowing Emma made scrapbooks. Emma showed Gigi some of her scrapbooking pages and they bonded as they talked about Emma's mother. They even hugged. It was said that they had felt like sisters in that bonding moment. In the following chapter, Emma spent a lunch break helping Gigi with her scrapbook and had even brought her personal scrapbooking supplies for Gigi to use.

Tony was Gigi's only friend and they had known each other for around year before the first book started. In the fifth chapter, Gigi grew highly excited when she found out Tony had gotten great grades on his report-card, so excited that she kissed him on the lips. This were quite awkward and both of them made a quick exit. Both of them had felt something when they had kissed.

They didn't speak for the entire Christmas break. In the sixth chapter, Tony visited Gigi in her bedroom and straight away they were both feeling something they shouldn't. Gigi agreed with Tony that they needed to talk about the kiss after having not spoken all of Christmas break. They talked and Gigi agreed to wait to date Tony and their feelings for each other are admitted. They start kissing and only stop when interrupted by Diego's knocked on the closed bedroom door of Gigi's bedroom

In the eighth chapter, Gigi comforted Katie who was finding it hard knowing she was giving her baby away. Katie asked what kind of person would give a child away, and Gigi told her “the kind of person who has a heart so big it's giving her the strength and love to give the baby her best chance.”

Gigi's relationship with the group

The first time the whole group hung out was in the second chapter during a school lunch period. Maddie was already going to eat with Katie- along with Sophie- and Diego had asked her to invite Gigi to join so she did. She bumped into Emma and Andi outside the cafeteria and decided to invite them to her lunch party and they accepted. Gigi talked with the girls about their so far baby decisions and punched a girl in the nose for calling Maddie a slut. Gigi said she had done it for them all.

In the third chapter, Katie had invited all of the pregnant girls to her house. They hung out in her bedroom and talked about who the temporary guardians of their children would be. In the next chapter, Emma hosted a sleepover with the pregnant girls at her house but there wasn't a whole lot of talking as they went to sleep pretty early on.

In the sixth chapter, she attended Maddie's sleepover with the other pregnant girls and they talked about personal things. Gigi said they were becoming connected but not exactly as friends. In the seventh chapter, the girls started hanging out in order to become friends. In the next chapter, Emma broke into the council building with the other girls in an attempt to steal Phillip's case file which she didn't find. They were caught by Ramona but Emma managed to talk them out of trouble. Later in the chapter, Emma and the other girls had a sleepover and they each said something about their newfound friendship. Gigi said, “I don't know what I did to deserve the four of you, but I'm glad I did it.”

The birth of her son

Gigi gave birth to her son Shawn through the planned C-section and was still groggy from the medication but stable enough to hold her son and know what was going on around her.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Mom, calm down and take a deep breath okay, we're listening.” Gigi- Ava


Gigi was a recurring character who only had one main story-line in the second book. It was a storyline she shared with her twin brother: the discovery of their older sister. Gigi was more involved in this storyline than her brother as she actually tried connecting with her sister and getting to know her.


Gigi had grown and matured quite a bit. She no longer seemed to be naive and took things more seriously. However, nothing else about her had changed. She was still very nosy, loved gossip, and could be kind of annoying.


In the second chapter, Emma f informed Jax, Diego, and Gigi who had been watching a movie at the mansion that Jessie's magic had been stolen. Emma didn't listen to Jax and Diego about how Jessie had lots of people at the Academy who loved her and she should step aside to let them handle it. Gigi suggested to Emma to talk to Katie about it because if the “major helicopter parent” agreed with them, Emma had no reason not to. Emma agreed. In the third chapter, Gigi went to the Academy to visit Shawn. She asked him how many juicy stories he had collected and Shawn replied tons. Shawn took her somewhere to show her footage he had captured on his camera.

The discovery of Ruby

In the sixth chapter, Diego joined his parents and twin sister for lunch not knowing what he was about to learn. His mother told him and Gigi about their older half-sister Ruby who was at the Academy with their children Emily and Shawn. Ava told them they could meet Ruby if they wanted but she needed time to think about meeting her too. Diego didn't attempt to contact Ruby in this chapter.


Ruby and Gigi were introduced to each other by Emily in the seventh chapter. Gigi verbally greeted Ruby who was to shy to talk back.

Every witch student: Remember me

Two people who love each other this much should be together.” Gigi- Andi and Luke

Chapter one

Gigi was running all over the house in panic mode trying to get Shawn all packed up for the Academy. When dropping off her son at the Academy, Gigi was disappointed when she opened her arms to receive a hug from her son but instead got a high-five. To cover it up, she went on to tell him she was expecting some high-quality gossip from him, and he promised not to let her down.

Chapter two

Gigi was at work when her dad said hello to her and confirmed their plans for supper.

Chapter three

Gigi picked up Shawn from the Academy to bring him home the holidays. She was then present at the supper at the Novoa mansion and later in the chapter attended Ursula's family and friends Christmas Eve party.

Chapter five ​​​​​​

While having supper with his family along with his sister, Emma, and Andi, Diego asked Melanie how her day at school had been. Melanie groaned and rolled her eyes. Gigi remarked she was definitely a teenage girl and Diego teased her by replying that she would know. Gigi retaliated by punching shoulder playfully.

Gigi's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"Damn right you weren't thinking! You're so lucky I don't have any powers to get you back with!" Gigi- Diego

"Talk? I apparently can't trust you!" Gigi- Diego

"Oh here we go again, king Diego, always has to be the boss, the winner!" Gigi- Diego

"No of course not, have I ever gotten you in trouble before?" Gigi- Tony

"Never mind don't answer that." Gigi- Tony

"Oh, I didn't know you followed me and I have to say I'm honored." Gigi- Ava

"I just know he was meant only for me." Gigi- Emma about Shawn

"I'm going to make sure Shawn knows everything about who his father was, the good and the bad" Gigi- Emma

"I'm not really sure of anything right now, not even the decisions I've already made." Gigi to her friends

"I keep asking myself, why did I let this happen? I can never figure out the exact reason, and I don't know if there's just one reason, or instead a million different reasons." Gigi- her friends

"We're getting through it because we have each other, not as friends per-say but as people we can relate to and have something in common with" Gigi to the girls

“Someone with a heart so big it's giving you the strength and love to give this child her best chance.” Gigi- Katie

"I don't know what I did to deserve the four of you, but I'm glad I did it" Gigi- the girls.

"I once said I wasn't sure of anything, that's no longer true, I'm sure about you" Gigi- Shawn

"I think you're going to be an amazing father, you're already an incredible brother" Gigi- Diego