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Isabella Brianna Masters

Basic information

Birthdate: January seventeenth, 2019

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Nicknames and other names

Isy- by everyone 

Devil toddler twin- once by Ruby

Brat- self-appointed

Cutie- by Maddie

Strawberry twin- by Kira

Isy the crybaby- once by Anna


Ava Rueda (paternal grandma)

Drew Rueda (paternal grandpa)

Duggie Fletcher (adoptive maternal grandfather)

Kristine Fletcher (adoptive maternal grandmother)


Ruby Fletcher

Cameron Masters

Aunts and Uncles

Aggie Fletcher (adoptive maternal great-uncle)

Zora Fletcher (deceased) (adoptive maternal great-aunt)

Diego Rueda (Maternal uncle)

Gigi Ryland (Maternal aunt)

Maddie Rueda (maternal aunt by marriage)

Tony Ryland (maternal uncle by marriage)


Anabella Masters (Identical twin sister)

Noah Masters (Younger brother)

Mason Masters (Younger brother)

Gage Masters (Younger brother)

Gabriella Masters (Younger sister)

First cousins

Melanie Rueda (Adopted cousin)

Robert Ryland (Adopted cousin)

Shawn Ryland 

Emily Rueda

Tommy Ryland (Adopted cousin)

Pagent Ryland

First cousins once removed

Hope Archer

Shane Ryland

Phillip Archer

Chance Archer


Kira Archer




Magic Realm

Every witch student: Missing

Isabella and her twin sister were born in the last chapter of the fourth book. Her birthdate is January seventeenth, born in 2019. She was greeted by her parents as well as her cousin Emily and Emily's best friend Ethan. She was born right in the middle of the disappearance crisis.