Jake Novoa

Basic information

Birthdate: Unknown 

Gender: Male

Species: Full-Wizard

Relationship status: married

Life status: Alive


Unknown parents

Wife: Liana Novoa

Son: Jax Novoa

Unborn grandchild


Liana Novoa- Wife 


Owns a company that makes Teddybears


Mortal realm, Sydney, Australia- formerly

Mortal realm, Miami, Florida, United States

History: Not much is known about Jake's past. At one point he lived in Sydney, Australia, where he met and married his wife Liana and welcomed their son Jax. It wasn't known if he had lived here his entire life. In 2004 before September- most likely in the summer- Jake moved his family to Miami, Florida, U.S.A for a reason that wasn't given.

Personality: Jake may look like a strict and all-powerful businessman you don't want to cross but he's a big soft Teddybear. Playful and he likes to joke around. He's also a rather friendly guy who's always up for a good time. He can be strict and serious when needed but most of the time he's just a laid back kind of guy. 

Every witch pregnancy

Jax, it would be really helpful on our family's reputation if you could behave this school year.” Jake- Jax.

Life as a father

The first time Jake appeared was early in the first chapter when he was having breakfast with his family and asked his son he could behave at school this year for the sake of the family's reputation. Jax replied he could attempt to not put his family in shame. In the same chapter, as a prank, Jax had magically levitated his principal's car and placed in the on the roof of the school. Jake caught him but when Jax was about to take the care down, Jake stopped, telling him that if he was going to pull a prank to do it properly. He went to say he didn't approve of pranks but he didn't want him to shame the family by being a bad rebel if he insisted on being a rebel. Jax asked if that meant he wasn't in trouble and Jake replied that he was grounded.