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Jax Novoa

Birthday- January 9th, 1990

Species- Full-Wizard

Relationship status- married

Life status- Alive


Skin- white

Hair- chocolate brown

Eyes- dark-brown

Known as

Jax Novoa- Given name

Sir Jax- by Kira


Jake Novoa 

Liana Novoa

Francisco Alonso (father-in-law)

Maria Alonso, deceased (mother-in-law)


Jessica Novoa


One unborn


Emma Novoa (wife)


Diego Rueda

Andi Archer

Pete Caster, formerly

Daniel Miller, formerly

Tony Ryland, possibly


Childhood guardian- unknown

Academy guardian- unknown

Pernament guardian- unknown

Mortal realm residence

Sydney, Australia (formerly)

Miami, Florida, U.S.A (Currently)

Magic realm residence

W.I.T.S Academy- for only three months 


Unnamed grade schools in Australia 1994-2000

W.I.T.S Academy (September- December 2000)

2 unnamed grade school in Australia Jan 2001- June 2004

Iridium high- 2004-2008

School team

Swim team 2004-2006 maybe longer 

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Jax was born in Sydney, Australia in January of 1990 to Liana and Jake Novoa. He lived a very wealthy childhood with two strict parents. Though his parents were strict, Jax became a rebel.

At the age of ten he started W.I.T.S Academy but three months later he was expelled. He finished his magic education at home. By the end of eighth grade, Jax had been expelled from at least three schools. The summer before his first year of high school, he moved to Miami, Florida with his parents.

In August 2004, he began high school at Iridium high school. He made the swim team and started dating Emma. At some point in ninth grade, Jax was the reason Emma brought zombie Phillip to life as he had been about to blast him into pieces in a video game that belonged to Andi. Jax helped Emma and Andi along with a group of other people keep Phillip a secret from the council.

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Every witch pregnancy


Jax was the school bad boy who loved pulling pranks and didn't care when he got in trouble for them. However, after deciding to be in his unborn daughter's life, he slowly seemed to be changing.

Emma's pregnancy

Emma told Jax about her pregnancy towards the end of the first chapter. On instinct, Jax broke up with Emma saying he wasn't ready to be a father since he was only fifteen. At the very end of the first chapter, Liana asked her son if something was going on between him and Emma because she had feeling something was. Jax replied nothing was wrong and that Emma hadn't been able to make it to supper because she had been grounded- which was half true since Emma was grounded. Liana didn't believe her son and cast a truth spell on him making him admit to getting Emma pregnant and leaving her. Liana asked him why he would do that when this is his child too, and Jax replied that he wasn't ready to be a father because he was only fifteen. Liana pointed out to him that Emma was also only fifteen and Jax had left her to deal with an unplanned pregnancy all on her own.

Jax often found Emma's messed up hormones to be amusing. He told Diego that he sometimes did or said certain things just to see how Emma would react with her hormones all being all over the place. Jax also didn't care what the gender of the baby was and in the sixth chapter was happy when he found out he was having a daughter. With Emma, Jax hosted a gender reveal party.

Jax's behavior

In the first chapter, Jax magically placed his principal's car on the roof of the school. In the second chapter, Jax got bored and threw a tomato he conjured up at his teacher. He was sent to the office. Ava threatened Jax she would remove him from the swim team if he didn't stop with his pranks and misbehavior. The had caught Jax's attention. She also gave him detention for a month which he didn't care about.

Liana confronted Jax about throwing a tomato at his teacher. Jax was focusing more on his video game than his mother and told to her lighten up because it had just been a joke. Liana didn't like this response and disrespect, so, she decided to blow up his flat-screen television. She then calmly let him know that he was grounded. Jax had been quite startled when his mother had blown up his television, and perhaps a little scared as well. Jake had gotten enough of Jax's behavior and threatened to send him back to magic boot camp. Jax was scared and Jake gave him one final chance to shape up.

Jax's relationships

Diego told Jax in the second chapter that he didn't agree with him dumping Emma, but if anyone gave him trouble for it he would have his back. In reply, Jax told him that he'd deal with anyone who bothered him. At one point, they ended up walking together as they talked about Maddie and Emma's pregnancies.

In the third chapter, Jax asked Emma for her forgiveness and for a second chance. At first, Emma didn't believe him. She thought maybe his mother was making him take responsibility for his actions. Though hesitant, Emma decided to give him a second chance if he proved he deserved one. Jax promised he would prove it. Emma was also happy and excited that Jax had come back and knew she had to be cautious and couldn't get her hopes up.

In the fourth chapter, after attending their first ultrasound together, Emma agreed with Jax that he had proven he deserved a second chance. She asked him where their relationship now stood and Jax replied that he wanted them to get back together. Emma was hesitant. Jax pointed out it would good for the baby if her parents were together, and that they were great together and hadn't had any issues in their relationship before the pregnancy. Emma said she wanted to get back together with him but wasn't sure knowing it could end badly. Jax asked her how she planned on having a future if she wasn't willing to take any risks. This convinced Emma to get back together with him and see how it went- or in other words, got back together with him on a trial basis.

It didn't seem like Jax and Andi were even friends. However, after Andi lost Phillip it became clear that these two were a lot closer than we had thought. Jax looked after Andi for Emma and managed to convince her to eat by serving her chocolate cake with strawberries knowing this was her favorite dessert. He tried cheering up her up by playing her favorite video game with her not realizing it was the game Phillip is from. He then comforted her with a hug when she started crying. Andi confined in Jax about her fears and Jax ensured her the council would leave the baby along and Phillip would be reunited with her. Jax, later on, helped Andi move into her new apartment.

The birth of his daughter

Jax welcomed his daughter Jessie on the thirteenth of April in the final chapter. Jax told his daughter that she was his reason to grow up and change. He told his mother that it was weird to think that the baby he had once not wanted was the same baby he now never wanted to let go of. It was very clear that he loved his baby girl more than anything.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

When it comes to our children, we don't easily forgive others for hurting them.” Jax- Andi


In the second book, Jax was a recurring character and not as important as he was in the first book.


Jax had grown up a lot but hadn't lost his humor. Whenever his daughter did something mischievous, he would praise her not caring that he'd get a stern look from his wife each time. Jax liked to joke about his daughter following in his pranking footsteps but never actually seriously encouraged her. Jax was still quite immature in some ways but mature in the ways he needed to be mature.


In the second chapter, Emma informed Jax, Diego, and Gigi who had been watching a movie at the mansion. Emma didn't listen to Jax and Diego about how Jessie had lots of people at the Academy who loved her and she should step aside to let them handle it. Gigi suggested to Emma to talk to Katie about it because if the “major helicopter parent” agreed with them, Emma had no reason not to. Emma agreed and threw the cordless phone at her husband giving him strict instruction to stay by the phone until Jessie had her magic back. Jax went to visit his daughter at the end of the chapter and found her revenge on Ruby hilarious.

In the third chapter, he went to the Academy to visit his daughter. Jessie had asked her father if her paternal grandparents Liana and Jake had returned from Australia. Jax informed her they had gotten home the night before. In the seventh chapter, he went to the Academy to visit his daughter. Later, he was turned evil by the bad moon and teamed up with his wife and daughter to attempt world domination but did not succeed.

Jax's relationships

Throughout the second book, Jax and Andi did seem to still be relativity good friends though didn't see much of each other nor did they talk much through letters. In the fourth chapter, Jax told Andi that parents don't easily forgive others for hurting their children. This confused Andi about whether or not she had been forgiven for neglecting Jessie's magic training. Jax replied he did forgive her and clarified he had just been explaining to her why Emma had been so mad at her. It wasn't very clear if Jax had been angry with her as well, though he most likely had been since he was mentioned be quite protective of his daughter Jessie.

Every witch student: Remember me

Me? Grow up? Come on dad, I thought you knew better than that.” Jax- Jake.

Chapter one

Jax was finishing up his morning coffee while pretending to read the paper when his daughter joined him. He asked her what she wanted to eat for breakfast and conjured it up for her. Before letting her eat though, Jax asked her if she was forgetting something. After a moment of watching Jessie's confusement, he told her she was forgetting maple syrup and conjured her up a bottle.

Later in the first chapter, Jax along with Emma went to the Academy by portal to drop off their daughter. After Emma told Jessie not to be him, Jax whispered in Jessie's ear that Emma didn't understand how awesome he was. This put a smirk on his face and he winked at his daughter who had also found his comment amusing.

Chapter two

Jax went to visit his parents at their house. When Jax jokingly asked his mother if she was still planning world domination Liana dropped the lettuce she had been holding. Jax told her he had only been joking and Liana replied it hadn't been his comment that had made her drop the vegetable but rather a mouse on the counter. She cast a spell to dispose of the mouse that was supposedly on the counter behind a box of cereal. Also during the visit, Jake informed Jax that the business was doing well and Jax teased him about how the “very manly family business” was a teddy bear factory. Jake asked his son if he would ever grow up and Jax replied that he had thought he knew him better than that.

Chapter three

Jax picked up his daughter from the Academy for the holidays and informed her Emma hadn't been able to come because she had been tied up. When asked by his daughter if Emma would make it home for supper Jax told her Emma had said she'd try to make it. Jax later in the chapter attended the annual Christmas Eve party hosted by Emma's aunt Ursula.

Chapter five

Jax was waiting in his living room for Emma to return home with Andi. Andi greeted him by saying, “there's my favourite trouble maker.” Jax replied she better not let Maddie or Jessie hear her call him her “favourite trouble maker.”Andi laughed and they shared a hug. Jax then told her it was good to have her home. He then left to see his parents quickly which Emma had scolded him for since Andi was visiting. Jax was later at Maddie and Diego's house for supper.

Jax's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"I can attempt to not put this family in shame." Jax- Jake

"If you obey all the rules you'll miss all the fun." Jax- to Principal Ava

"Most mothers would have just told me instead of blowing up my TV!" Jax- Liana

"How do expect to have a future if you don't take any risks?" Jax- Emma

"Why? Are you scared she or he will turn out just like his awesome cool father?" Jax- Emma

"She will be a normal child and that's how she will be treated!" Jax- Emma

“My parents and I already set up alarms. I will do whatever it takes to keep you and our daughter safe,” Jax- Emma

"She's still alive isn't she, don't we get points for that?" Jax- Lily

"I was just a bad boy with a crush on an amazing girl I never thought I'd get but did." Jax- Emma

“You are my reason to grow up, to change.” Jax- Jessie

“It's odd to think that the baby I once didn't want, is the same baby I now never want to let go of.” Jax- Liana

Welcome to the Academy

“Don't forget to have fun though. You don't need to be bad to have fun.” Jax- Jessie

“When it comes to our children, we don't easily forgive others for hurting them.” Jax- Andi

“Oh how cute, Maddie adopted a little rebel.” Jax teasing Maddie about Melanie