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  Jessica Maria Novoa

Basic information

Birthdate: April thirteenth, 2006

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single


Skin- white

Hair- chocolate brown, straight

Eyes- dark-brown

Known as

Jessica Maria Novoa- maiden name

Jessie- by everyone

Jess- by Shawn 

Essie Nova- unintentionally self-appointed once

Chosen one in training, magic title, formerly

Chosen one, magic title, currently

Miss igloo investigation unit- once by Emma

Jax junior- once by Emma


Walter and Anita Alonso (Maternal)


Francisco Alonso (maternal grandfather)

Maria Alonso (deceased) (maternal grandma)

Jake Novoa (paternal grandfather)

Liana Nova (paternal grandmother)


Emma Novoa

Jax Novoa

First cousins

Madelyn Rueda- first-cousin once removed)

Sophie Van-Pelt- first-cousin once removed.)


Melanie Rueda (By adoption)

Emily Rueda (biologically)

Sara Van-Pelt (biologically)

Second cousins once removed

Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Sami Van-Pelt (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Unborn child


Shawn Rueda- accidental first kiss at age 7

Ben Sanders- hooked up 

classmate sex partner

Random drunk hook up/baby daddy


Ethan Archer

Emily Rueda

Shawn Ryland

Rose Greener- possibly

Gracie Rice

Ben Sanders 

Sara Van-Pelt


Iridium elementary school 2010- 2016

W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020- 2024


Chosen one in training


Mortal Realm


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Jessie was born into the series in the last chapter of the first book. Jessie was born on the thirteenth of April in the year 2006 around two thirty in the afternoon. She weighed eight pounds and was 19.9 inches tall.

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Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Emily, please, you should know by now I don't let people off that easy...its revenge time!” Jessie- Emily.


Jessie was a very important main character in the second book. She was now ten-eleven years old.


Headstrong, sometimes impulsive, determined. Three words that perfectly described Jessie. She was an excitable child who loved hanging out with her friends more than anything else. She was almost never alone and she always ready to lend a hand to family member or friend in need of help. Jessie could be quite sassy at times as well.

Jessie's magic training and Education

Jessie started the first year of her magic training at education at the Academy. On her first day, she was given her Academy Guardian- Andi. Jessie, at first, simply waved wanting to be mature but then decided it was okay to still be a kid and ran over to Andi for a hug.

During her first training session in the second chapter, Jessie was unknowingly copying what Gracie and Shawn were doing as she was just following Andi's instructions. When Ben broke his wrist during training, Jessie performed a healing spell as instructed by Andi and was successful in healing Ben's wrist.

In the third chapter, Andi brought Ben and Jessie to her dorm room and had them practice transformation spells on action figures that belonged to Ethan. Jessie turned the action figure into a puppy then back into a toy perfectly. Andi dismissed Jessie after her first try seeing that she didn't need the extra practice

In the fourth chapter, Andi was too focused on Ruby to feel up to helping her students prepare for the first test. However, after being bugged by her students during an entire lunch period, she brought them to the library to read up on Human-animal transformation, that way they could study for the first test while she went back to spying on Ruby. Jessie decided to ditch the books and practiced with Gracie and Shawn under Luke's supervision. Jessie ended up failing her first magic test and as a result, decided to drop out of the Academy. However, she changed her mind the following day.


In the first chapter, Jessie was asked by Sabrina if she's the chosen one's daughter. Hating being known as just the chosen one's daughter, Jessie pointed out that she had a name. Morgan figured out that her father must be Jax Novoa since she was indeed the chosen one's daughter. Morgan shared that Jessie's father had been so much trouble at the Academy when he had been a student that he was expelled three months after he started. Jessie unintentionally started a magic showdown between herself and all of her roommates when she used magic on Morgan to pay her back for the comment about her father.

In the second chapter, Jessie tried using her magic to prank Emily at four in the morning, curious to see if she was as good as her dad as pranking. She had first thought of pranking Morgan but went against it to avoid getting into trouble. He decided to prank her second-cousin knowing Emily wouldn't get mad and tell on her. Jessie felt there was something wrong inside her the second she lifted her hand to cast the spell but ignored it. She knew for sure something was wrong when no magic came out of her hand as she was casting a spell. She finished her incantation to be sure and discovered that her magic was gone.

Panicking, she woke Andi and told her. Andi was on high alert and wanted to call Emma and tell Aggie but Jessie pointed out her mother would just cause a scene and wake everyone, and Aggie would ask how Jessie had realized it at four in the morning. If she told the truth she would get in trouble. Aggie could also think she was sneaking around after hours trying to help rescue Phillip because she's best friends with Andi's son and Andi. Andi agreed they would speak to Aggie first thing in the morning. Jessie let Andi handle talking to Aggie and joins her friends for breakfast but didn't eat. Jessie wanted to drop out of the Academy but Andi stopped her by asking for a week to get her magic back. Jessie then wrote a quite dramatic letter to her paternal grandparents about losing her magic.

When she got her magic back from Emily and learned who had stolen it, Jessie decided it was revenge time and whispered her plan to Emily. She didn't take part in the revenge since she wanted to just sit back and enjoy the show, but when the revenge went south, she took fall with Emily and Ethan instead of letting her friends take all the blame. Jessie tried to rescue Ruby by opening a portal but instead opened up a black hole and almost got sucked in. She was saved by Andi and Ben and Emily.

In the fourth chapter, Jessie took part in the spy club against Ruby. Her job to was to help Ethan sort through information about Ruby given to them by Ben, Gracie, and Shawn, to fish out the useful info that could help bust her and get her into trouble with the headmaster.

In the fifth chapter, Emily asked Jessie to spy on Ruby to see if she was up to something because she had a feeling something bad was coming. Jessie hadn't wanted to but Emily begged her, so she agreed to do this for her. Jessie spied on Ruby and later informed Emily her magical presence was too strong even for a normal full-witch. Both girls were curious why this was but neither of them investigated it.

In the sixth chapter, under the influence of Halloween, Jessie pranked Emily. Normally, Emily would have found it funny and prank her back but Emily- under the influence of Halloween- was angry. She challenged Jessie to a magic duel and Jessie agreed. As the duel started, Ethan tried to convince them to stop and then he jumped in to save Jessie from Emily's spell. Ethan was hit by the spell and had to be brought to the hospital. Emily and Jessie later apologized to each other.

Jessie wasn't immune to the bad moon but was lucky to not be affected. Jake had been at the mansion looking after Jessie and left to check up on Liana. When he returned, Jessie informed him her parents had gone evil and Jake replied Liana had too. He knew if they teamed up it could mean the end of the magic world.

The mission​​​​​​

Ethan asked Jessie- int the fourth chapter- to help him look for information that could help him in the library find the answers of finding his father and bringing home. Jessie was beyond excited to help out with the mission because she was rarely asked to do so. It was later mentioned by Ethan to Andi that they hadn't had any luck.

In the sixth chapter, Ethan planned a mission session with his friends. He told Ben they would be checking classrooms to see if the teachers had information. He assigned Jessie and Emily to the library to check out the books in the last two rows. He assigned Shawn and Emily to the computer lab to attempt breaking into council records or searching people tied to Phillip. This plan didn't happen because Emily and Ethan ended up with Ruby while the others rescued Andi and Duggie from the dark river.


Emma was away from home all the time but she never missed the important things in her daughter's life. In the first chapter, Emma was most likely working a chosen one case on the day her daughter would be heading to the Academy. Though Jax wasn't sure if Emma would make it home in time to take Jessie, their daughter hadn't a doubt in her mind that her mother would make it in time. Jessie was right and she greeted her mother with a hug.

There was obviously trust between Emma and Jessie. Emma decided to allow her daughter to take her enchanted magic book Hex to the Academy with her and therefore entrusted her daughter with Hex's care.

Emma had been feeling quite apprehensive about leaving Jessie at the Academy, and when seeing her off, she had to remind herself how much she had loved attending the Academy at Jessie's age. In the second chapter, Emma freaked out when Jessie's magic was stolen and wanted to pull her out of the Academy. She was talked out of it by her friends but was on her way to pick Jessie up when Jessie decided to drop out. She returned home when Andi called her to tell her Jessie had changed her mind.

It was very clear that Andi and Jessie were extremely close and had known each other for a long time. In the second chapter, Andi told Jessie she was just like her father after she proudly announced that she was awesome for being able to heal Ben's wrist. Also, Jessie turned to her when freaking out about her missing magic. She told Andi that when she was afraid, she put her trust in her, and Andi promised to keep her safe.

However, in the fourth chapter thing between them were not good at all. Andi started neglecting Jessie's magic training and education to obsessively spy on Ruby. This caused Jessie's magic strength to weaken and she failed her first magic test. Pissed at Andi, Jessie decided to drop out of the Academy. While Jessie was packing in her dorm room, Andi was knocking on the door but it was no use, she was being ignored. So, she decided to let herself in since. Jessie asked her if she had ever heard of privacy and Andi told her to just add “letting herself into the dorm room” to the list of things she was mad at her for. Jessie chose to ignore her.

Later in the chapter, Andi returned to the mortal realm and met with Jessie at the Seven. Jessie hadn't wanted to meet with her and had previously ignored her when she had shown up at her house, but her parents had forced her to hear Andi out. Jessie told Andi she had five minutes to talk in a snippy attitude. Andi admitted she had screwed up as her way of apologizing. Jessie easily let go of her grudge and told Andi how excited she had been to have her as her guardian because she had always been there for her throughout her life. Jessie also informed Andi she had been hoping she'd be her permanent guardian after graduation. Andi was so touched by this that she almost cried. Andi asked Jessie if she would return to the Academy with her if she promised to never neglect her again. Jessie replied she would always give her a second chance because she'd know she would always deserve it. The two then shared a hug and Jessie did return to the Academy with Andi to continue her magic education and training.

Jessie and Ben met in the first chapter but didn't instantly hit it off. In the second chapter, Jessie pressured Ben to speak while they were having lunch with Andi by telling him she wouldn't bite. Andi told her to give him some time because he was shy like Gracie. Due to her relationship with Gracie, Jessie understood and backed off. Later on in the chapter, before they were even friends, Ben hugged and- at the heat of the moment- kissed Jessie on the mouth to thank her for healing his broken wrist. Andi and Shawn but not Gracie were worried what Jessie would say to Ben when he kissed her knowing Jessie could sometimes be impulsively rude. Jessie thanked Ben and then went on to tell him that she wasn't used to being kissed. Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Ben who said he wouldn't kiss her again knowing this is what she had been trying to say without hurting his feelings.

In the fourth chapter, she and Ben had a bit of a bonding moment. Jessie corrected him in a homework question he had gotten wrong. As he thanked her for her help, he had called her “Jess” and quickly corrected himself by saying, “I mean Jessie.” Jessie told him he could call her Jess if he wanted too since Shawn did, but Ben said he would stick with Jessie. Jessie went ahead and told him that her actual first name was Jessica and Ben replied he had figured that. He went on to inform her his actual name was Benjamin and that he hated being called that. Jessie pointed out they both had old names and went by nicknames, Ben added that both of their nicknames were short forms of their actual first names. This gave him three things they had in common. Jessie then parted ways him to continue looking for Emily.

In the Seventh chapter, Ben didn't want Jessie to leave because she helps him with the group. Jessie told him she'd only be gone for a few days and that he could turn to Gracie while she was away. Jessie then shocked him and made speechless by kissing his cheek to wish him good luck.

In the seventh chapter, Jessie asked Shawn while they were eating together if he was excited to see his mother. He replied he was and asked her the same question. Jessie told him she hadn't accomplished anything to please them with. Shawn advised her to just enjoy seeing her parents for a change instead of trying too hard to impress them. She followed his advice.

Times with her friends

In the second chapter during breakfast, Jessie told her friends that her magic was missing and straight away got their support and concern. Emily asked her what she had been doing up at four in the morning and Jessie tried to hide it but Emily knew her too well. Emily could tell she had been plotting a prank. The boys were the first to realize it had been Emily who was Jessie's target. Then, Gracie called her out. Emily found it amusing, Jessie told her she hadn't wanted to do it to someone who would get her in trouble. Emily told Jessie she couldn't believe she would do that. Jessie pointed out this was coming from the girl who told Ethan's mother that she and Ethan had been caught making-out and were going to be expelled just so Ethan would admit to his mother about Ruby's mistreatment towards him. Emily and Ethan's faces turned red and Shawn asked when this had happened. Shawn asked if they had actually been caught making-out, and Ethan's reply was, “no of course not.”

Gracie asked Ethan and Emily if they had ever kissed before, Emily said no and that they were just friends. Shawn revealed that Ben had kissed Jessie which embarrassed Jessie. Emily asked Shawn if he was sure, and Shawn reported that he and Gracie had been there when it had happened. Gracie went on to ask Jessie if this had been her first kiss and Jessie replied no. She glanced at Shawn and their friends took notice. Shawn informed it had happened when they were little kids. Emily pretended to be offended that she hadn't known about this. Shawn was surprised Emily hadn't known about it since their parents had talked non stop about it for a month after it had happened. Emily shrugged to say she didn't know why she hadn't known about it.

In the fourth chapter, Ethan was having a freakout when Emily told him about Jessie dropping out and asked her why she didn't stop her. Emily replied there was nothing she could do because Jessie was pissed off. Shawn gave her a look and pointed out that Jessie makes impulsive choices when she's angry. Shawn then told Emily she should have done something. Emily closed her and eyes and took a deep breath. She insisted there was nothing she could have said or done to change Jessie's mind. Gracie sided with Emily pointing out that they all knew how Jessie could be when she was angry or upset. Shawn and Ethan nodded. Shawn went on to ask Emily what they should do. Emily said they should support her and say farewell. Ethan gave Emily a look because he knew she wouldn't just sit by and do nothing. Emily then told them the real plan was to wait until Jessie had cooled off then call her and straighten her out. Her friends agreed with the plan. As a joke, Shawn told Ethan that his mother was becoming a real problem as she was the one who had set Jessie off. Ethan replied he knew but hadn't sounded like was joking when he said it.

In the fifth chapter, the kids met up to complete homework together. Emily and Ethan were late, and Emily explained they had been caught up with Cameron. Jessie suggested they start with their Kanay research assignment, but Shawn complained they'd have to move all of their things to the computer lab when they had just set up in the rec room. Emily waved her hands at him and pointed out that she was the daughter of a Kanay and had Kanay powers and could give them enough information. Jessie asked her friends who were in favor of letting Emily do it all while the rest of them hand fun, Shawn, Gracie, and Ethan raised their hands. Emily quickly clarified she would not be writing out all of their assignments and that they had a tone more homework.

Also in the fifth chapter, Jessie introduced Ben to her friends to start him off in joining the group. Ben was very shy. Gracie invited him to join them for their evening meal. Jessie said he would.

In the sixth chapter, Ethan and his friends except for Emily were seated together at a table in the cafeteria enjoying turkey and rice while talking together. They had just finished discussing their training periods. There were talking about why Duggie was at the Academy. Jessie suggested that maybe he's just here to visit Aggie. Shawn let out a laugh and Jessie shot him a look in reply. He pointed out that Aggie had never had a visitor before and Jessie pointed out they hadn't been students here long enough to make that assumption. Shawn couldn't argue with that. Ben suggested that Duggie was a council spy and the others agreed this could be possible. Gracie stated that she didn't trust Mrs. Fuller and that she was creeped out by her. Jessie agreed and the group started to ask if Kristine could be working with Aggie and Duggie against Andi and Ethan. Ethan instructed Shawn and Gracie to search her up on the magic realm's internet though this proved unnecessary after Andi and Emily and Ethan found out who Mrs. Fuller really was, Andi through Duggie, Emily through Ruby, and Ethan through Emily.

Every witch student: Remember me

You're the reason Ethan has faith in life, and the reason I have faith in myself.” Jessie- Andi


Jessie resembled her father more and found herself to be relatively pretty. She did wish her hair wasn't such a dark brown but wasn't the type of person who would go further than a different haircut to change her appearance. Jessie had her father's fair complexion, along with chocolate-brown hair and dark-brown eyes.

Being a second-year witch in training

Jessie returned to the Academy in the first chapter for her second year of magic training and magic education.

The second mission

Jessie talked to her mother about how she believed the council would strike again. Emma agreed and told her she didn't think Luke's memory of being Phillip was permanent. Jessie agreed with her mother on this. Emma asked her if she was going to keep an eye on Aggie to make sure he didn't figure out what was going on. Jessie replied that she was and would.


In the second chapter, Jessie gave Ben some advice to help him continue wining over Shawn, and gave him some really good advice about how to win over Emily. It showed Jessie cared about Ben and wanted him to succeed in making it in the group.

Times with her friends

In the second chapter, Feeling like something was wrong with Ethan, Gracie pointed out to Ethan that he hadn't shared how he was feeling about having dad back. Ethan quickly replied it was beyond amazing and bit odd and his friends could tell he hadn't told them the whole truth. Ben asked him if something had happened and Ethan shook his head in denial. Jessie asked him if he was alright because he hadn't been acting like himself all day, and Ethan replied that he had just gotten his dad back and therefore wasn't himself at the moment. He then left his friends. Shawn agreed with Hex that something wasn't right, and Emily shared that she could usually tell what was bothering Ethan and not being able to do so this time was frustrating her.

Jessie's Quotes

Welcome to the Academy

"Hey what was that for!" Jessie- Ben

"I don't know but I'm freaking out!" Jessie- Andi

“When I am afraid I put my trust in you.” Jessie- Andi

"I was just curious to see if I was as good as my dad." Jessie- Emily

"Oh I was just's not important." Jessie- Emily

"Without my magic I'm no longer a witch." Jessie- Andi

"Emily, please, you should know by now I don't let people off that easy...its revenge time!" Jessie- Emily.

“That's it, I've had it with that woman! I'm going home!” Jessie- Emily and Gracie about Andi

“Gracie, you know I love you, but your little guilt trip isn't going to work this time.” Jessie- Gracie

"I'll always give you a second chance because I know you'll always deserve it." Jessie- Andi.

"My mom put me in your care, so technically, everything in my care is in your care" Jessie- Andi

“You don't have to be crazy to hang out with us. I'll train you.” Jessie- Ben

"Andi, calm down or I'm using my magic on you!" Jessie- Andi