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Robert Ryland

Basic information

Birthdate: January eleventh, 2005

Original species: Mortal

Magical species: Powerless-Wizard (converted)

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: dating in secret

Nicknames and other names

Robert Johnson- birth name

Robert Caster- adoptive name, formerly

Robert Miller- adoptive name, formerly

Robert Rueda- adoptive name, formerly

Robert Ryland- adoptive name, currently

Rob- nickname

Robbie- once by Pete, once by Tommy


Amy Johnson, deceased (biological mother)

Unnamed birth father 

Pete Caster (step-father- formerly) 

Daniel Miller (adoptive father- formerly)

Gigi Ryland (adoptive mother) 

Tony Ryland (adoptive father)


Shawn Ryland (Younger adoptive brother)

Tommy Ryland (Younger half-brother)

Pageant Ryland (Younger adoptive sister.)

Nieces and Nephews

Shane Rueda (adoptive nephew)


Melanie Rueda- secret girlfriend


Melanie Ryland

Tommy Ryland


Unknown other schools

Iridium elementary school-  Feb 2017-  2019

Iridium high school- 2020- 2023


Works at the Seven


Mortal Realm


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At the age of six, he was placed in the foster care system along with his younger half-brother Tommy- after his mother passed away. At the age of twelve, he and his brother were adopted by Daniel Miller.

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Every witch student- Welcome to the Academy

Appearances and mentions

Robert's first appearance was in the basement of the foster home he lived in, in the tenth chapter. He was mentioned to be twelve, and he was making plans on an invention they wanted to create with his younger brother and Melanie. It was later mentioned by Melanie that he and his brother had recently been adopted by Daniel Miller, a childhood friend of Andi, and would be going home to him soon. Robert's second appearance was when he was helping Melanie make sure she had all of her belongings on the day she was moving in with her parents. It was mentioned Robert and Tommy would be moving in with Daniel the following day. His third appearance was when he was building a homework destroyer with Melanie and Tommy.

Every witch student: Remember me

Chapter three

Robert appeared in the third chapter with Melanie and Tommy when working with them on the plans for the laundry sorter they were going to make.