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Ruby Sophia Masters

Basic information

Birthdate: February third, 1989

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: married


Skin color- White 

Hair- long gorgeous slightly wavy bold-red.

Eyes- light-blue

Known as 

Ruby Fletcher- adoptive/maiden name

Ruby Masters- married name

Ruby Webber- code name, formerly

The most powerful witch in the world

Superior- magical title 


Ava Rueda (Biological mother.)

Unnamed man, deceased (Bio father.)

Kristine Fletcher (Adoptive mother.)

Douglas Fletcher (Adoptive father.)

Aunts and Uncles

Agamemnon Fletcher (adoptive uncle.)

Zora Fletcher, deceased (adoptive aunt.)

Brothers and sisters 

Diego Rueda (younger half-brother.)

Maddie Rueda (Sister-in-law.)

Gigi Ryland (younger half-sister.)

Tony Ryland (brother-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews 

Robert Ryland (by adoption) 

Melanie Rueda (by adoption)

Emily Rueda (biologically)

Shawn Ryland (biologically)

Tommy Ryland (by adoption)

Pageant Ryland (biologically) 

Grand-nieces and Grand-nephews 

Hope Archer (biologically)

Shane Ryland (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters 

Noah Masters 

Mason Masters 

Gage Masters

Gabriella Masters


Cameron Masters (Husband.)

Time at W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020.)

Program: Guardian in training 

Year- four (graduated.)

Charges: Emily Rueda, Ethan Archer. 


Magic Realm 

W.I.T.S Academy- formerly 


Worked for her parents against the council, formerly 

The second member of the council, currently 


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Ruby was born with chosen one blood but never gained the chosen one magic or status. Being a witch with chosen one blood but no chosen one magic or status made her magic unique and the reason wasn't clearly or fully explained. 

Ruby was adopted on the day of her birth by Duggie and Kristine Fletcher. Due to her photographic memory- which all magical people have- she can remember feeling confused when she was carried away from her birth mother who she could hear sobbing and crying.

In the second book, it was discovered that Ruby's magical presence was even stronger than the chosen one- who was supposed to be the most powerful witch in the world. The reason Ruby's presence was stronger than Emma's wasn't given in this book. However, in the third book, we are given a clue. Duggie was furious with Ruby when he learned she had given her magic to the council in exchange for Emily having hers back.

Ruby asked him why he was so upset. Duggie told her that her magic was important and special because of something she didn't know about. Ruby told him she knew, but Duggie said he wasn't talking about her having chosen one blood without the chosen one magic or status. Ruby asked him what he was talking about but Duggie wouldn't give her an answer. He told she better hope the council didn't "Find out what Ruby was."

It was this sentence, and the fact that Duggie threatened to erase her memory if she asked him about it again, that made us wonder what he had meant. It had brought up the question of, "Is Ruby not just an ordinary witch?" And "was this a hint that we're going to learn something shocking about Ruby later on?"

In the second last chapter of the fifth book, Ruby was told by adoptive parents and biological mother that she was one of the two most powerful witches in existence known as Superiors. Superiors were extremely rare, Ruby was the second one to exist and Kira Archer was the third. A Superiors magic has almost no limit to what it can do with the except being harm to her others, though funny enough, her magic is the only thing that can kill her- she'd have to purposely use her magic to end her life. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

I can't! You make this monster go away!” Ruby- Emily about the snake


Ruby was a new character introduced in the second book. It didn't take long to learn she wasn't a very nice person. Ruby was an important main character with her own storyline. She was the Academy guardian of Emily Rueda and Ethan Cruz. Ruby came from a neglectful and unusual childhood and brought a ton of secrets and twists to be revealed. Not just in the second book but through the series.


Ruby started off being mean and neglectful. She didn't like being bothered and she played by her own rules for the most part. As we learn more about Ruby, we start to realize that her personality was caused by her upbringing. Her parents put tons of pressure on her and were neglectful to her wants and needs. Halfway into the second book, Ruby seemed to be slowly changing. She opened herself up to Emily and developed and friendship with her. To Emily, and others she cared deeply about, Ruby was kinder. Ruby's patience also improved and she didn't keep to herself as much when it came to the mission.

Being a guardian in training

Ruby started her first year of guardian training at W.I.T.S Academy in the first chapter. She was called into the headmaster's office where she was introduced to her W.I.T.S (aka students or charges) Emily Rueda and Ethan Cruz. Though they had been excited to meet her, she had seemed bored and annoyed. Yet, she greeted them politely with handshakes.

In the second chapter, It became known that Ruby barely did anything to help Emily and Ethan with their education or training. This was something she carried out through most of the first semester at the Academy. In the second chapter, Emily wanted homework help and decided to ask Ruby knowing it was a long shot. Ruby never helped out nor did Emily ask because of the discovering Emily made upon entering Ruby's dorm room uninvited.

In the third chapter, Ethan sat down with Ruby who instantly told him to get lost stating that he and Emily weren't her problem outside school hours. Andi scolded Ruby for her mistreatment towards Emily and Ethan and Ruby tried to play it off as though Emily and Ethan were too advanced to need her help. Andi told her to start being nice and to start helping them like she was supposed to. Also in the third chapter, Cameron asked Ruby about her student's progress. Ruby replied they were doing well and gave him a fake smile he saw right through, though didn't call her out. He seemed to be watching her for some reason.

In the fourth chapter, Ruby watched Emily and Ethan cast transformation spells on a dummy in her dorm room. She only took an interest in their progress because she knew she would get in trouble if they failed their first magic test. Later on, she had to allow both of them to turn her into an animal and then back into a human again. Both Emily and Ethan got their transformation and reversal spells correct, allowing them to pass.

Events, Crimes, and Secrets

In the second chapter, Ruby committed her first crime when she stole Jessie's magic. Emily made the discovery when catching Ruby with a jar that contained Jessie's magic. Ruby confessed and acted like it was no big deal. She bargained with Emily that she could return the magic to Jessie if she didn't turn her in to Aggie or the council. Emily promised to not tell Aggie nor the council but didn't promise to not tell anyone else. She told Jessie and with Ethan's help, carried out Jessie's revenge on Ruby by using a control spell on her in the cafeteria to make her do and say embarrassing things. This ended with Ruby being accidentally teleported away by Ethan. She ended up trapped in the dark place under the water-fountain that stood in the atrium. Ruby was later joined unintentionally by Emily and was then saved along with her by Andi.

In the fourth chapter, Ruby stole the chosen one's enchanted magic book Hex from the chosen one's daughter in the middle of the night. She brought him back to her dorm room and was confronted by the chosen one's daughter Jessie and Jessie's friends Emily, Ethan, and Gracie, and Jessie's dorm mate Sienna. Jessie snatched Hex from her. For an unexplained reason, Ruby didn't get in trouble for stealing Hex even though- according to Jessie- stealing property of the chosen one is an actual crime. 

In the fifth chapter, Ruby was caught using magic by Emily. She tried to convince Emily that she had just gotten her magic and was simply a late bloomer, but Emily didn't believe her. Emily threatened to tell everyone that Ruby was a Full-Witch, but Ruby hit her with a spell to make her unable too. Later, Ruby cheated in a surprise magic test and cheated by using magic to make her and her students untouchable. She was called into the headmaster's office and was confronted about having magic. She admitted she was a Full-witch and was expelled. Cameron saved her by stating there must have been a reason Ruby lied about her magic. Ruby said she had wanted to be a guardian- a job only for powerless witches and wizards. Aggie decided to lift her expulsion.

In the sixth chapter, Ruby had a meeting with her adoptive parents- Duggie and Kristine Fletcher- in her room. Ruby snapped at Duggie, asking him why he was at the Academy because it wasn't part of the plan. Duggie replied Aggie had been ordered by the council to keep Andi away from another student. He thought this meant that someone they called “he” was there. (“He” was assumed to be a code name for Phillip.) Kristine told Ruby the council was on alert and Aggie was suspicious and that Duggie had to step in because Ruby was too focused on Ava. Ruby snapped at her mother that she was her daughter, not her doll, and Kristine snapped back at her to watch her tone. Duggie told Kristine to calm down and this was the first time we learned Mrs. Fuller's first name. Kristine told Ruby that though she was their daughter and that they did love her, she was on a job that required her full attention. Ruby replied she understood and asked what she needed to do.

It was explained to Emily by Ruby why she had committed her crimes. The reason she was at the Academy was to help Andi and Ethan find and rescue their zombie. The reason she had stolen Jessie's magic back in the second chapter was- The council had set a trap in the first race that would have teleported Jessie to the council building if she used her magic. They wanted to hold her ransom to get information of Andi's plans out of Emma and Jax. The reason she had stolen Hex in the fourth chapter was- There was a spell I needed and she didn't think Andi would be willing to lend her the chosen one's magic book after stealing Jessie's magic and treating her son and Emily like garbage. She couldn't tell Emily why she had come as a guardian in training instead of a council member in training.

In the seventh chapter, Ruby was turned evil by the bad moon. Her magic was blocked and she was locked up in the gym with the others who had been affected until the bad moon had passed and Ruby had returned back to normal.

Reuniting with her birth family

In the fifth chapter, Ruby found out that the name of Emily's grandmother was the same name as her birth mother, and she told Emily this. Emily asked her if she had younger siblings, and Ruby replied she had two younger siblings who were twins. Emily informed her of who her father was and that his twin sister had a son. Later in the chapter, Ruby told Emily to call her grandmother and find out for sure, Emily did and the chapter ended right before Emily gave her the news that they were in-fact aunt and niece.

In the sixth chapter, it was confirmed that Ava was Ruby's birth mother. Ruby was shocked and felt nervous and unsure. Emily offered for them to start acting like family if she wanted that. Ruby replied that would be great. The next morning she met Shawn during an awkward small talk first meeting. Ruby was also hurt by Ava not coming to the Academy to meet her.

In the seventh chapter, Emily and Shawn introduced Ruby to her siblings and sister-in-law. She shook hands with Diego, was greeted verbally by Gigi, and was attacked with a hug by Maddie.

In the eighth chapter, Ava and Ruby had an emotional first meeting during Ursula's Christmas Eve party. Ava admitted to Ruby that she regretted giving her up. Ruby warned her she wasn't the most emotional person, and Ava replied she didn't care because she wanted to get to know her not change her. Ruby decided she would like to have a relationship with Ava, and Ava wanted this as well.

In the tenth chapter, Emily surprised Ruby by throwing her birthday party. Ruby's entire birth family attended the party but her adoptive family- who had been invited- did not. This was the second time she had seen her birth mother and possibly the third time she had seen her younger siblings.

The mission

In the sixth chapter, it was discovered that Ruby was at the Academy to help Andi and Ethan find and rescue Phillip. In the sixth chapter, Ruby, with the help of Emily, teleported Andi and Duggie to the Zombies homes in the dark river. She was hoping this would give her adoptive father a chance to tell Andi what she needed to know.

In the eighth chapter, while snooping around in Agamemnon's office, Ruby came across an envelope containing information on zombies captured in 2006. She brought it to Andi hoping it would help her with the mission. The paper said all zombies but one had been destroyed but there was no information on the who and what of the non-destroyed one. Andi recalled Duggie had told her some zombies were turned into humans and asked how she'd find out who he was now if this was the case. Ruby told her that Duggie believed he was at the Academy. Andi pointed out that Luke was the only guy here that she and Ethan had gotten to know personally and that Aggie didn't stop them from talking or from hanging out. Kim suggested Aggie just didn't want to bring up suspicion. Andi disagreed because Aggie could have easily made a new rule that guardians couldn't befriend other guardians and teammates. Ruby agreed with Andi. Ruby also pointed out some of the information was false as none of the zombies had been destroyed but instead saved by her dad. She said the council may have written false information on the case file not wanting to admit the zombies had been rescued under noses.

Using Cameron​​​​​​

Ruby had seemed to be unaware of Cameron's feelings for her until he asked her out at the end of the fourth chapter. Cameron asked her if she was free that night and Ruby replied she had tons of homework. Cameron offered to finish her homework for her that way they could go for a late night picnic on the moon. Ruby's response was, “in that case, meet me in the atrium in ten minutes.” This response made it sound like Ruby had only agreed to the date because Cameron had offered to do her homework for her. This was the case.

In the fifth chapter, Ruby was getting annoyed with Cameron after just a few days of using him to get out of doing her homework and to get out of her guardian responsibilities. She was annoyed by him because Cameron followed her around and asked her millions of questions all day long.

In the seventh chapter, Ruby convinced Cameron to take the blame for sending Andi to the dark river which got him expelled. The point of this was to get Aggie out of suspicion that Andi had learned anything about Phillip and to get rid of Cameron.


In the second chapter, Andi and Ruby didn't have a good first meeting. Andi told Emily and Ethan to give Ruby time to warm up to them because some people have trouble connecting with other. That was before Andi met her. Ruby was introduced to Andi by Ethan and rudely asked how it was possible that she had a kid Ethan's age but she didn't look old enough to be the mother of a tween. Ruby was informed that Andi was a teenage mother and didn't respond, she just walked away from the awkward conversation. After meeting Ruby, Andi told Emily that she could see what Emily had meant by “she hasn't been the most welcoming so far.”

Ruby almost immediately tried to shoo Ethan and Emily away after meeting them in the first chapter, but Emily insisted that she tell them something about herself after Ethan convinced Emily to give her a chance. Ruby told them her middle name and that she was adopted a birth, then closed the door in their faces for the second time. In the second chapter, it became known that she didn't treat Ethan and Emily very nicely. Ruby and Shawn had a short small talk during their first meeting in the sixth chapter. Shawn felt like Ruby wanted to be nice and that he should give her a chance.

Ruby and Emily had started off hating each other and by the last chapter, that was quite hard to believe. In the ninth chapter, Ruby and Emily shared their first real bonding moment. They were using Emily's Kanay powers to turn themselves into other people and in those people's voices did ridiculous and hilarious impressions of them.

Every witch student: Remember me

Yeah, well, I finally have people worth looking at every day while I'm brushing my hair.” Ruby- Emily


In the third book, Ruby was kinder and had more patience. Yet, she had much more work to do on herself in order to become a nicer person. She was still stubborn, easily frustrated, didn't have the greatest temper, and trouble connecting with others and understand their emotions as well as understanding her own. Ruby discovered she was way more capable of love than she ever realized and that she actually had a good heart deep down.

Being a guardian in training

Despite not having to go through another year because she thought she had accomplished her mission, Ruby was sent back to the Academy by her parents for her second year of guardian training. She had wanted to return anyway because she had a feeling that her niece Emily was going to need her this school year. The second mission

In the fifth chapter, Kristine snatched a book out of Ruby's hands and threw it across the room. She then snapped at her for reading when she should be helping with the case. Ruby replied she had already completed her job but Kristine corrected her. Duggie told her she wasn't done with the case until Luke remember who he was permanently. Ruby replied he already did and Duggie agreed with Kristine that this was foolish thinking. Ruby agreed to continue working on the case knowing she had no other choice.

In the same chapter, Ruby went with Andi to ask Luke what he remembered about his conversation with Andi from before Christmas break and in September. After talking with Luke, Ruby informed Andi that Luke had again lost his memory of being Phillip because they had been apart from each other too long.

Ruby's quotes

Welcome to the Academy

"I'm going to strangle whoever did this to me!" Ruby- Emily.

"I'm not your doll, I'm your daughter!" Ruby- Kristine

"Well, it looks like I've found myself dinner!" Ruby- Andi

"I can't! You make this monster go away!" Ruby- Emily about the snake

"Well, I was thinking of redecorating anyways." Ruby- Emily

"Dad, why are you questioning me?" Ruby- Duggie.